Development releases

For the tools listed below you can you can download a development release version. The development release versions are updated directly when I fix bugs or add new features. But this also means that some features have not been tested heavily yet. So you can see it as a kind of beta release. So use it at own risk when you want all the latest features. To see which changes have been made recently, view the recent changes page.

Tool Download Size Comment
ModelConverterX ± 22 MB
scenProc x86 ± 80 MB For 32 bit OS
x64 ± 96 MB For 64 bit OS
update ± 18 MB Only use to update full
x86 or x64 installation
Library Creator XML ± 3 MB
FXEditor ± 2 MB
DrawCallMonitor ± 300 kB
AGN tools ± 200 kB

Please note that the date mentioned below is the date this page was created, not the date of the development release was made. A new development release is made daily if there are changes.