Error reporting

My tools have the ability to report errors that encounter directly to my bug tracking system for a while. This helps me to fix these issues and make the tools better. Due to some recent changes in the bug tracking system the method I had implemented is no longer working. In the development release I […]

Change log

A while ago I got the feedback that the change log that is included with my tools and can also be viewed here on the site was not really clear. The change log was automatically generated from the commit message in my version control. Yesterday I have modified the script used to generate the change […]

ModelConverterX changes

Over the last months I have been working on improving the FS2004 aircraft MDL export from ModelConverterX. While working on this I have made some changes that affect the general usage of ModelConverterX as well, so I want to give an overview of them in this post. Attachpoint orientation While making sure that landing lights […]

FS2004 aircraft mdl export

Some features are on the ModelConverterX wishlist for quite a while already. For example the feature request to export FS2004 aircraft mdl files with working animations and such is on the list for over 10 years already. And given that FS2004 is less popular nowadays I thought I might never come around to implement this […]

64-bit only development releases

With the release of the new stable releases ModelConverterX 1.6 and scenProc 3.1, the development releases have also been updated. The ModelConverterX development release is now version 1.7 and the scenProc development release is now 3.2. In these new development releases there is a big change directly, they only support 64-bit now. This means you […]

ModelConverterX 1.6 stable release

I have just released a new stable release of ModelConverterX based on the current development release. This means that all changes made since the ModelConverterX 1.5 stable release are now part of the stable release as well. The main differences between ModelConverterX 1.5 and 1.6 are: You can find the download information for the new […]

XtoMDL prerequisites

One common issue when trying to compile objects using XtoMDL in ModelConverterX is that XtoMDL can throw very unclear error messages when the XtoMDL tool is missing one of its prerequisites. For example the FSX XtoMDL needs a very specific DirectX version to the installed and different P3D XtoMDL versions depend on different C++ redistributable […]