iBlueYonder Nantucket released

A few years ago when I started to experiment with vegetation detection from imagery in scenProc I was looking for a test area with good imagery. I ended up picking the island of Nantucket, since it is a nicely sized island and for the US there is a lot of free source data to work […]


For the Nantucket project I have used the scenProc feature detection function to get the autogen trees from the imagery. But would a similar approach also work for scrubs? First I tried with polygonal autogen vegetation. The detection of the polygons went OK, but the density of the resulting autogen in FSX was much too […]

The Nantucket tutorials

Over the last I have been using the island of Nantucket (Massachusetts) as a sandbox to try all kind of autogen techniques and to develop new features of scenProc. Coincidentally Bill Womack is working on a scenery of Nantucket airport as well. So my test autogen project will even end up in a real product. And […]

Tree detection – part 5

It’s been a while since I was working on the autogen vegetation for Nantucket. It was actually before my summer holiday. Afterwards I thought I would quickly fix some of the reported bugs and then return to this interesting issue. But as always I got carried away by adding some new features to ModelConverterX and […]

Tree detection – part 4

It’s a while ago that I posted about the progress of my tree detection efforts. So here is a quick update. Some other things kept me busy, so there hasn’t been too much progress recently. I was able to run the tree detection algorithm on the entire island of Nantucket now. It took around 3.5 […]

Tree detection

One of the first problems I encountered when I tried to make autogen for Nantucket is the lack of vector data for the vegetation. OpenStreetMap contains hardly any vegetation and also the GIS department of Massachusetts has not much usable data. So therefore I started to experiment with detecting the vegetation in the imagery.  And […]

Nantucket photo scenery

As I mentioned in my previous post I would write a bit more details about how I created the photo scenery for my Nantucket test project. From the website of the Massachusetts GIS department I could download 30 cm imagery of the entire island. But they came in 101 tiles and in the SID format. […]