FSDevConf is approaching…

Just a quick note to let you all know that the online FS Developer Conference (FSDevConf) that we are organising is approaching quickly now. It is actually scheduled for next weekend. So that means that the coming week I won’t have much time to update my tools, so the reported issues will have to wait […]

Looking for presenters

As FSDeveloper we are trying to organize an online conference for FS developers, with the aim to share techniques, knowledge and just have fun. We are now one step closer to organizing this conference, as we have our call for presenters ready. So do you have a topic that you would like to talk about […]

A FS developer conference?

A user of the FSDeveloper community started an interesting discussion this week, would it be possible to organize a conference for FS addon developers? Similar to the AltDevConf it should be an online conference so that it is easy for people from everywhere to attend. At FSDeveloper we find this a very interesting idea, so […]