Autogen Configuration Merger


Autogen Configuration Merger is a tool to merge autogen configuration files of addon sceneries into the global autogen configuration files of Flight Simulator.The tool will validate the configuration files at startup of Flight Simulator as well, to make sure they stay valid.

Latest version

The last version of Autogen Configuration Merger is 1.4.7414.22076, which you can download here.


In the download two manuals are included, one is targeted at users that will get Autogen Configuration Merger as part of a developers scenery. The second manual is targeted at developers who want to use the tool.


Please use the Autogen Configuration Merger subforum at FSDeveloper to get support for the tool.

22 thoughts on “Autogen Configuration Merger

  1. Arjo Volkers says:

    Hallo Arno,
    De ingevulde website heeft niets met FS te maken. Maar een andere heb ik niet.

    De autogenmerger is een zeer gewenste tool, daar valt weinig over te twijfelen.

    Wachten kan ik nauwelijks. Dus.. ik wil graag meedoen met de testversie. Ik begrijp je bezwaren, om hem nu al breed beschikbaar te maken. Die bezwaren tellen niet voor mij, omdat ik ( nog) niet eigen autogen gedefinieerd heb.
    Overigens maak ik al dankbaar gebruik van de vele tools die je hebt ontwikkeld.
    Op 3d Warehouse staan beschikbare werkjes van mij. Onder Arjo V.
    Hopelijk krijg ik een positieve reactie.
    Arjo Volkers

  2. Alex says:

    Hi Arno, and thanks for another great piece of code that will make things a lot easier in the future for lazy people like me. Any chance to try your last build? I have the same issue as ydelta on the forum and was waiting for a new .zip to try! :’)


  3. Joop Mak says:

    Hallo Arno

    Ik wil me gaan verdiepen in het maken van autogen bestanden , met name van bomen.
    Maar ik kan nergens een begin vinden van hoe. Weet jij een manual voor beginners, groeten Joop

  4. Peter says:

    Hi Arno,

    I am the Developer of SIMstarter NG and would like talk about an integration of both tools. Can you please contact me?


  5. Matevz says:

    Hi Arno,

    I was wandering: is there an option for ACM to clear the added content after uninstall of the addon that used ACM method of writing into default.xml in the first place?

    That would be nice to have – to clean the things and e.g. have a clean install of the updated version of an addon

    cheers, Matt

    • arno says:

      Hi Matt,

      At the moment there is no uninstall option. That would be tricky to do, as you never know if definitions are used by another addon and also many developers include definitions that are not their own (so uninstalling them as well would be risky).

  6. Ruediger Ebert says:

    Hi Arno,
    with P3D V4 additional add-on discovery paths can be defined. Would it be possible to exent your tool in such a way that it also scans the sceneries defined in those paths?


    • arno says:

      What ways do you mean? The add-on.xml files are supported in the latest version. Is there another way?

  7. Ruediger Ebert says:

    P3D V4 enables the developer to add additional discovery paths. From the SDK:

    Add-on Discovery Path – Refers to the portion of the add-ons.cfg file which lists additional directories to search for add-ons in during the discovery phase of loading add-ons.

    In the add-ons.cfg additional discovery paths are referenced as in the following example:

    PATH=D:\P3D AddOn Sceneries\MyP3DV4Sceneries


  8. Marcin says:

    Hello, when I try to start the installer and “run it anyway” due to Windows message, no installer window appear. I’m trying to install in P3D v4.1 with Win10. Any suggestion?

    • arno says:

      Can you check the log file? The manual tells you where the log file is located.

      • Marcin says:

        12:49:55 PM | AutogenConfigurationMerger version 1.1.6531.37127 rev cab4a053 date 11/18/2017 8:34:49 PM
        12:49:55 PM | No FS version specified, using current directory as FS path: C:\Users\Marcin\Downloads
        12:49:55 PM | FSPath: C:\Users\Marcin\Downloads
        12:49:55 PM | Scenery.cfg not found

  9. Marcin says:

    Correction – not Win10 but Win8

  10. Chris says:

    Good day

    Cannot fix the error – AutogenConfigMerger has stopped wor4king.

    P3d v4.4

    No visual model of the new Prosim 737 2019 PBR

    Not sure when error started.

    Thank you in advance.

    • arno says:

      You better ask support questions on the forum. I don’t understand the problem exactly, ACM does not influence aircraft models.

  11. Chris says:

    Good day

    Cannot fix the error – AutogenConfigMerger has stopped wor4king.

    P3d v4.4

    No visual model of the new Prosim 737 2019 PBR

    Not sure when error started.

  12. Paolo de Picciotto says:

    Good evening,

    I’ve tried to install LPPR Tropicalsim 2018 and Autogen configuration merger come with the scenery but when I launch the program he doesn’t want to start for the scenery. Can you help me please because I’ve got some issues with the texture of the ground please ?

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