Slower development

As you have probably already noticed the development of my different tools is a bit more slow recently. That’s just because I am a bit busy at the moment. There are a few reasons for that: It has been quite good weather this month here, so I have been trying to ride my racing bicycle […]

My Cycling Log

For a few years already I keep track of the rides on my racing bicycle on the computer. I like it to see how much I have cycled at the end of the year (or sometimes not, when it is not so much). And since I cycle to work in the summer, I also keep […]

See you in two weeks

My vacation is now really getting near. Tomorrow morning I will have to leave very early to get to Schiphol and fly to Malaga, Spain. I am really looking forward to get cycling again in an area that is not so extremely flat as the Dutch polder landscape I live in. I have also been […]

Got a new bike!

I had been looking around for a new bike for weeks already and today I finally bought one. And to prevent some confusion right away, with bike I don’t mean such a thing that has an engine, but a bicycle. Now that spring is coming around again, I am looking forward to take the bicycle […]

Back home

I am back home and had a great vacation on Corsica. It is a really nice island to cycle around (although we only saw the northern part of it), with a lot of nice hills and mountains to climb. And every time a fantastic view on the landscape and the sea. So now that I […]

Ready to go…

It is summer again, so that means it is also time for a vacation. The next three weeks I am free from work and tomorrow my two week vacation to Corsica starts. I have booked a group travel and we’ll be cycling around the northern part of the island. Luckily I will not have to […]