In 2004 I, Arno Gerretsen, started the SceneryDesign.org website as a community for people making addon sceneries for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In 2006 the administrators of the site, at that time Nick Whittome and me, decided that it would be a good idea to expand the site to cover other addons beside scenery as well. So we re-branded the site to FSDeveloper and with that name it is still a very active community to help people making addons to flight simulators in general. Nowadays it is not only focussed on Microsoft Flight Simulator, but we also discuss X-Plane and FlightGear.

But I kept the SceneryDesign.org domain ever since and in most of the tools I make I even use the original SceneryDesign.org logo as the icon. So in 2011 I decided that it would be a good idea to create a new SceneryDesign.org. This time as the central point to get information about the different tools I have made. So that’s the website you are now. You can find information here about the different tools I have made and about the changes that have been made recently to them.

And what about me? I am an Aeronautical Engineer and I have been making addon scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator since FS5. In the last years I haven’t made that many addons anymore though, since I enjoy it more to create tools to help others make such addons. Creating those tools has learned me a lot about how such flight simulators are working internally.