Error reporting

My tools have the ability to report errors that encounter directly to my bug tracking system for a while. This helps me to fix these issues and make the tools better. Due to some recent changes in the bug tracking system the method I had implemented is no longer working. In the development release I […]

Change log

A while ago I got the feedback that the change log that is included with my tools and can also be viewed here on the site was not really clear. The change log was automatically generated from the commit message in my version control. Yesterday I have modified the script used to generate the change […]

64-bit only development releases

With the release of the new stable releases ModelConverterX 1.6 and scenProc 3.1, the development releases have also been updated. The ModelConverterX development release is now version 1.7 and the scenProc development release is now 3.2. In these new development releases there is a big change directly, they only support 64-bit now. This means you […]

scenProc 3.1 stable release

I have just released a new stable release of scenProc based on the current development release. This means that all changes made since the scenProc 3.0 stable release are now part of the stable release as well. The main differences between scenProc 3.0 and 3.1 are: You can find the download information for the new […]

scenProc roadmap

Last month we were on vacation and traditionally that means no computer and no programming on FS tools for a while. But of course you always have your brain with so, so vacation is a good month to think about new features for tools and things like that. During the last vacation most thinking-energy went […]

Old TFC format is now deprecated

With the latest development release of scenProc that was released today, the old Texture Filter Configuration (TFC) format of the texture filters is deprecated and no longer supported. If you still have a texture filter in the old format you can use the conversion tool that was announced in October to convert it to the […]