Ending the rumours?

It for sure was an interesting week with the new announcements Microsoft made about Flight. Will it end all the rumours that have been going around for a long time already? Let’s see. The new announcement makes a lot of things more clear. Flight will have an integrated addon market and it is focussed around […]

Quite some news

I haven’t posted much to this blog recently, because some other things kept me busy. Had a business trip for work, spend some time preparing for the Sinterklaas celebration tradition we have in the Netherlands, etc. But there has been quite some exiting news recently that I want to share with you all. Flight beta Microsoft has […]

Microsoft Flight

Yesterday Paul Lange already dusted off his blog, which was an indication already that something was still going on. And then today Microsoft has announced Microsoft Flight. Not so much is know about this new simulator/game, but the teaser video looks interesting. Which is of course what any teaser would do. I guess we will […]