Posts from April 2012.

Yes this blog is still alive

Just to let you know this blog is still alive. Just recently I did not have too much time to post interesting things here. But that does not mean I haven’t been (silently) working on new things. Here are some of the things I have been working on recently and once they are finished you will read more about them on this blog as well:

  • Improving the reading of aircraft MDL files in ModelConverterX, especially when it comes to the animations of the aircraft.
  • Improving the ModelConverterX preview. I have been experimenting with using shaders and that seems to be a great way to allow reflections, bump mapping and that kind of advanced features to show in the preview as well. I might even get the skin and bone animations working in the future. 
  • I have also been doing some scenery design with SketchUp, working on some new objects for the NL2000 scenery.
  • Oh, and last but not least, we have been preparing for the baby that can be born any day now.

That should be enough to dust off this blog for now. When I have finished some of the items listed above, you will be able to read all the details here again.

New development release (build 162)

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Added option in special tools menu to filter out ground polygons. This removes all polygons level to the ground that are within 0.5 meter from the ground. Distance should be made an option in the future.

New development release (build 161)

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Added two more opcodes to the BGLDecoder
Progress issue 775

New development release (build 160)

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Batch convert “convert textures” operator now also has an option to minimize the amount of textures
Fixed issue 771

New development release (build 159)

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Batch convert “convert textures” operator now also has an option to prefix the texture name with the model name
* When reading KMZ files, the model name is set to the KMZ filename, instead of the DAE filename (which is usually model.dae)
* Made batch convert form slightly bigger, so it is easier to set and read the properties of the operators
Fixed issue 772

New development release (build 158)

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Fixed bug that resulted in some FS2004 objects being rendered on their side
Fixed issue 769

New development release (build 157)

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Fixed crash when reading certain animated FS2004 MDL files