Posts from May 19th, 2012.

New development release (build 172)

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Fix bug that sometimes left MDL file locked

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Placement of objects now read from BGL files as well. But if multiple instances of the same object are found, only the first placement is used. If the MDL file is not stored in the same BGL, the placement is ignored.
Progress issue 691

New development release (build 171)

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Added feature to export all loaded objects to BGL at once
Progress issue 788

New development release (build 170)

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Added option to convert textures to the ground polygon wizard
Fixed issue 780

New development release (build 169)

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Changed check for update functionality, so that in a stable release it does not check for new development releases, unless the user asks for it.
Fixed issue 790

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Added options for default layer and visibility used in the ground polygon wizard
Progress issue 782

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Fixed crash when entering day number 0 in ground polygon wizard for seasons
Progress issue 776

Ground polygon wizard upate

I have updated the ground polygon wizard in ModelConverterX. Two new features have been added to it in the latest development release:

  • You can now specify which layer and visibility are used by default in the options. This should mean that you have to change less values while working on your ground polygons.
  • An option has been added to convert the textures used on the ground polygons. This means they are converted to DDS (when using FSX) or DXT BMP (when using FS2004). Before you would have to do this conversion manual. In the screenshot on the right you see the options for the texture conversion. In the text box you need to specify the location where the new textures will be stored.

Hopefully these changes make the wizard a little more easier to use!