Posts from June 9th, 2012.

New development release (build 200)

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Added replacement for performance indicator mode, now there are a normal inspect and texmap inspect mode to use

New development release (build 199)

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Added option for default altitude for object placement
* Coordinate converted uses default position now
* Field for altitude added to coordinate converter

Bye, bye, performance indicator mode

ModelConverterX used to have a render mode called performance indicator mode. With this mode you could spot where the texture mapping or normals were not so optimal. The recent updates to the preview have removed that mode. But I have now added two replacements. One is called the Normal Inspect mode and the other TexMap Inspect mode.

In the Normal Inspect mode the colour of the object is determined by the normal, see the screenshot on the right. This means that as long as the normal is shared by different triangles smoothly you will see the gradually changing colour. If you see a sharp change in the colour, then the two triangles meeting there will have a different normal. Hopefully this helps to spot places where the smoothing is not as optimal as it could be.

The TexMap inspect mode works similar. It is meant to spot places where the texture coordinates are not shared optimally between triangles. The screenshot below shows an example. In this case the object is covered by a checkerboard with a varying colour. The checkerboard helps you to spot if texture mappings might be misaligned and the colour gives you an indication which part of the texture is used. So on the side of the church in the screenshot you see two types of blue, which means those polygons are textured with different parts of the texture.

The Normal Inspect mode is quite intuitive to use I think, for the TexMap inspect mode I am not sure yet. But I haven’t come up with a better idea yet. Hopefully these modes help you in making optimized models.

New development release (build 198)

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Hopefully fixed error of shader on ATI cards due to samplers and validation (take 2)
Progress issue 787

New development release (build 197)

[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Hopefully fixed error of shader on ATI cards due to samplers and validation
Progress issue 787

New development release (build 196)

[Arno Gerretsen] * Removed bug introduced to check error handling :)

New development release (build 194)

Changes for Build #193
[Arno Gerretsen] [ModelConverterX]
* Made shader code more generic, so that the failing shader can be replaced by a simple one in the future
Progress issue 787

Changes for Build #194
[Arno Gerretsen] * Added missing file to SVN