FSX material settings

Over the last days I have been working on extending the material settings supported by ModelConverterX. I have now come to the point that all of the specific settings that you can make with a FlightSimX material can be edited with ModelConverterX as welll. If you download the latest development build you can try it […]


Until now I was mainly using fGIS when I wanted to view or edit shapefiles, but since a year or two the updates to fGIS are no longer publicly available due to some license issue. Last week I bought an interesting book about opensource GIS and it brought the QGIS application to my attention again. […]

FSDeveloper not reachable

At the moment the FSDeveloper site seems not reachable. I have asked the webhost to look at this problem, so hopefully the site is up again soon. EDIT: By now the problem is solved and the site is up and running again. Sorry for the inconvenience.