FS2004 animations

In the next development release of ModelConverterX you will find support for reading animations from FS2004 scenery MDL files. Or at least a first implementation of this feature. It is working for my test object currently, but I need to look for some more test files to be sure if it is robust enough. So […]


I am sure this is old news to almost everybody already, but still it is too important to not mention it. When I came back from Brussels and opened my mailbox yesterday I read the shocking news that the Avsim website has been hacked and is completely gone for the moment. Here is the official […]

Heading for Brussels

Tomorrow I am going to Brussels for my work, as we are attending the ITEC there. This means that during the next days I won’t be behind my computer. Over the weekend I have been working a bit on the FS2004 MDL reader for ModelConverterX, but I am afraid it is still a bit buggy. […]

Video tutorials

On FSDeveloper we have some video tutorials available for quite some time already, but most of the time they are hidden somewhere in the forums or Wiki. We have changed that now, by embedding a video player in the Wiki. This allows you to view the video tutorial directly inside the Wiki article. Have a […]