Ever since I started making scenery for Flight Simulator, you could get almost any tool you wanted using That site provided a great overview of tools and tutorials for scenery designers. Sadly last week the site went offline. This did not come as a huge surprise, since the owner Tom Gregor had already indicated […]

Black textures

An often occurring problem when designing scenery is that your object shows with black (or no) textures. There can be many causes for this. For example a  texture that is not a power of two in size, a texture that is in the 24 bit BMP format that FS can not read or just a […]

Attached object orientation

For quite some time already ModelConverterX has the functionality to attach things to your object. For example an effect or another library object. I mainly used this to attach lights to objects and since these shine in any direction I never really bothered to check the orientation properly. Until there were some questions about this […]

Normal maps for FSX

Today I was experimenting a bit with using normal maps and bump maps in gPoly. So this meant I had to make some bump maps and while doing so it bothered me again that you have to transform the output of the normalmap plugins to work correctly in FSX. Maybe it is my GIMP skills, […]