Repackaged development release

pile-of-boxesUntil now the development release (or should I just say beta version) of all of my tools was released as one big ZIP file with all the different tools in it. I have changed this now. So from now on you can download a separate ZIP file for each tool. The file contains all files needed to run the tool, so you can install them each in their own folder if you want. I have uploaded the development releases page to contain the correct links.

Why did I make this change? Mainly because the ZIP file was growing in size too much. And with some other developments that are in the pipeline it would have grown even more. That would mean every single download would take quite a while, while not all user are probably interested in all tools. So by splitting it into multiple files people can download what they need and the download times also stay more manageable.

So please update your links and let me know if there are any issues!

2 thoughts on “Repackaged development release

  1. Rory says:

    HI Arno

    Can you offer both the separate packages and the one zip file as well please.

    Its now damned annoying to have to click on each and every single file to get the complete package.

    I understand your reasons but if you offered both then people can choose which version they want.

    Just a thought from one developer to another 🙂

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