scenProc big area tips (2)

Here is another tip when using scenProc to process big areas. If you are working with raster data this can mean that you have to load a big amount of files. But there is an easier way. scenProc uses the GDAL library that supports reading GeoTIFF, JPEG2000 and other common formats. But it also supports WMS.

WMS stands for Web Mapping Service and is a technology to distribute imagery over the internet. It is this kind of technology that gives you the images you see in Google Earth for example.

To allow scenProc to read the imagery all you have to do is make a XML configuration file that specifies the WMS service. Below you will find an example and all details can be found in the GDAL documentation. Then you use this XML file as filename in the ImportGDAL step. Then the images from the WMS can be used in the steps that use raster features. Be aware that grabbing all the data might take a while.

 <Service name="WMS">

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