Prepar3D v4 support

I have just released a new build of my tools that supports Prepar3D v4 as well. Below it is listed what this means for the different tools.


As far as I know now the MDL and BGL format in Prepar3D v4 are the same as in Prepar3D v2, so there is no new file format you can export to. But ModelConverterX will automatically recognise the Prepar3D v4 SDK when installed. Also the Convert and Place Object Wizard has been extended to support Prepar3D v4 as output simulator.


The autogen configuration files from Prepar3D v4 can be read and you can thus select this version of the simulator as the active version. Besides that the Prepar3D SDK will be recognised when searching for certain tools.


Prepar3D v4 is added as supported version, which means you can select it as the active simulator version so that the effect files will be read from that effects folder.

For the Autogen Configuration Merger tool I have posted a beta release to the forum today as well. Once that has been tested better I will officially release it.

All other tools didn’t seem to require changes at this moment, but if you have issue using them with Prepar3D v4 please let me know.

6 thoughts on “Prepar3D v4 support

  1. Luka Zakelj says:

    hello i’m very new to this and all i want is to put some objects on denali base camp like some tents and snowy runway designated by “road signs” can anyone do that for prepar3d v4 or can someone tell me what do i need to do that.

    Thank you
    Best regards

  2. Jorge says:

    I try to export a collada model from sketchUp into the MCX bgl in p3d v4 but it doesn´t appears into the sim i check all steps help , thanks

  3. Marco says:

    Hello can i see the mdl of pmdg with the latest version?
    Because i can’t see that

  4. Gloover says:

    What should be done to implement P3Dv4 switching seasons.
    (dimmed on ModeleconverterX)

    • arno says:

      You could use visibility conditions for that if you only target P3D v4. Else you would need a tool like SODE.

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