AeroFly FS2 support in ModelConverterX

I have added two new exporters in ModelConverterX, with these you can export objects to the TGI format for AeroFly or export scenery to the TSC format of AeroFly.

If you save your object in the TGI format, you need to use the AeroFly Content Converter to put it into the sim. ModelConverterX will save the basic geometry and material settings. Animations and levels of detail are not exported, since I haven’t learned how to do that.

If you export your scenery as a TSC file ModelConverterX will also export object placement data to AeroFly. All objects and the textures they used are all saved and the AeroFly Content Converter is automatically called for your scenery. All the object and texture files are put in the folder where you select to save the TSC file. The screenshot below shows some objects I placed with ModelConverterX.

The current implementation should work fine for scenery objects. For ground polygons I probably need to adjust some settings to let them work correctly. That’s something I plan to expand later. So please give the new exporters a try and let me know if there are issues or additional features that I could implement.

One thought on “AeroFly FS2 support in ModelConverterX

  1. Vogel69 says:

    very good news for Aerofly Scenery Creator ! Thanks Arno

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