CAT headache

Version 1.02 of CAT is get closer to release again. This evening I had a good debugging session with Nick on a bug he had since CAT 1.01. I finally was able to reproduce his animation condition problem. Basically the problem means that the local variables used to store the animation state are shared between all copies of the object you place. So now that the animation condition works on the animation trigger (to make sure you get a nice reverse animation when the condition is no longer true), this means that multiple placements of the same object will block each others trigger, unless the animation condition is true for all of them at the same time. This is really a nasty feature, or should I call it a bug?

One easy option is to change the way the animation condition works back to the status of CAT 1.00, but that means that the animation will suddenly jump back to the static condition when the animation condition is no longer valid. This isn’t really nice either. So I think I will go for the second option, think a bit harder on a way to combine both ways of doing it. It just must be possible, must be…

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