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Today we celebrate Queens day here in the Netherlands. Actually it is kind of confusing as it is supposed to be tomorrow, but as that is a sunday so they moved it one day ahead. And now to confuse you foreigners even more, tomorrow is not even the birthday of our current queen, it is the birthday of the previous queen. The current queen has her birthday in January, which is probably not the best season to have a public holiday.

But enough for this introduction,  I don’t know why, but I was playing with the Encarta Instant Answers a little bit and I though I would ask it who our current queen is. I must say the answer is a little surprising:

Encarta┬« Instant Answers: I don’t know about the Queen of the Netherlands, but I do know that the ruler of the Netherlands is German occupation.

Did I miss something? Have the Germans been ruling us all the time without us noticing it? Our royal family is German of course, if you go back long enough in time, but I think Encarta Instant Answers has been mixing up some articles about the Netherlands and the Second World War here.

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