My tools in FsX

With the release of FsX coming closer now, I think it is time to give a little bit of information about how my tools will (or will not) work together with this new version. Please note that these observations are based on the beta version, so some things might still change a bit.

Library Creator XML and ObPlacer XML

Scenery created with these two tools basically still seems to work fine (apart from some issues in the beta that are hopefully fixed by now). There are some minor changes in the BGLComp XML format, so I might make an update for these tools to get them compatible with the FsX BGLComp as well.

MDL Tweaker II

The MDL files tweaked with this tool still seem to work (apart from some of issues I mentioned above already). So the tweaks do still function. But it seems the MDL format used for scenery in FsX has changed a lot. At the moment I can't say yet if we can tweak that new format just as easy and if this tool will be updated. But when using the Fs2004 gamepack we can still tweak and that is nice.


And finally there is CAT. Also here MDL files tweaked seem to still work. Although I had some trouble with certain triggers in the beta. I will have to explore this in the final version, but with a minor update to CAT it shoud be possible to get the conditional animations working in FsX as well (using the Fs2004 MDL format).


This is not one of my current tools, but the working name for a project we are currently discussing at FsDeveloper. Hopefully we get going on this project soon, as it will be a good replaced (and extension) for the functionality of my current tools. But then nicely integrated into one tool, designed for FsX and including a lot more cool stuff.

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