Strange maps

 A few days ago I came across this very cool blog that has a collection of all sorts of interesting maps. For example I found a blog post their about some Dutch annexation plans  after the second  World War. But there are is also a nice post about the presidential elections in France from last […]

Spammers be gone!

You might know that I have blogged a few times already about the spammers that annoy me daily. Ever way you have on your website to let the users interact with you, seems to be misused by spammers as well. Let me name a few examples. On this blog you can leave a comment, but […]

Some Wiki maintenance

Yesterday I performance some maintenance on the FsDeveloper Wiki. Just some common tasks like assigned uncategorized articles to a category, so that they can be found more easily. While doing that I also noticed that some user(s) have been working hard to get some basic information about mission design onto the Wiki. So if you […]

April 1st joke?

Yesterday I found an email message from MS in my inbox. Although the date might make you a little suspicious, this email was certainly no joke. My MVP award has been extended for another year, so that is great news. Time has gone quite fast the last year, it does not seem like a year […]