I am back for a little while

Just a quick note to let you all know I got back from my vacation safely. I still have to do some unpacking of bags, washing of cloths, etc. So I will be doing that first, before I return fully online and start to read my email and the forums again. Also, next week I […]

See you in two weeks

My vacation is now really getting near. Tomorrow morning I will have to leave very early to get to Schiphol and fly to Malaga, Spain. I am really looking forward to get cycling again in an area that is not so extremely flat as the Dutch polder landscape I live in. I have also been […]

Wat was waar

This title probably makes no sense to the non-Dutch readers, but it is the name of a website I came across today. On this website you can watch old maps and aerial photos of the Netherlands in a Google Earth style. And in this case with old I mean maps from the 19th century or […]