New ModelConverterX release

I have just released the next alpha version of ModelConverterX. The main new feature is the support for the SCASM binary commands that are used a lot by FSDS. This feature alone already would justify a new release, as this will greatly improve the number of SCASM macros that can be converted correctly.

Besides that I have added a new object reader, that can read FSX MDL objects. This reader is probably not so useful for most users, as they want to export to FSX MDL objects, not import them. But if you want to convert some FSX MDL objects to OpenFlight for example it might be useful. As this is an initial version of the reader, it will not read all MDL files at the moment. But objects without animations or other complex stuff should work fine.

To get the latest version and read a bit more about the future plans, please take a look at this thread on the forum. 

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