SCASM and binary commands

The next feature I will be working on for ModelConverterX is the support of the SCASM commands that enter the binary BGL/MDL code directly. With these commands you can enter certain hexadecimal values directly in the created file.

You might expect that this is a feature that would only be used by the real expert who wants to create some very special functionality, as you can easily screw things up if you are not sure what you are doing. But that is not the case, these commands are used quite often in API objects.

Especially FSDS makes a lot of use of them. If I remember correctly, this is because by the time FSDS was released a newer SCASM version was needed to be able to use the LoadBitmap and RGBSColor commands. But Abacus was also selling their ASD tool which come with an older version of SCASM. So to make sure that ASD could work with the macros generated by FSDS, FSDS had to write the LoadBitmap and RGBSColor commands with those direct binary commands.

The code I have started to write now will be able to analyze those binary commands, so that ModelConverterX can process them correctly. And with the same code I will also be able to read objects directly from the BGL file later on. So that might be another useful new function. 

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