A mention of the CAT

At the beginning of this week a colleague entered my office and told me that I had been mentioned in an article he read. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. It appeared he had been reading the latest issue of PC Pilot and in their article about the realism of scenery for Flight Simulator they had an interview with the developer of the London Heathrow X scenery. When talking about the tools used they mention:

 “Besides the 3D modelling programme, you need a lot of other FS-related software for the AI-traffic (AFCAD), tweaked animations (CAT of Arno Gerretsen) etc and some code writing/tweaking”

It it really nice to see my CAT tool being mentioned in such an article and let’s hope some of the tweaks mentioned also come from the [FSDeveloper] Wiki. I started to develop the CAT tool when I got a little bit tired from explaining agian and again to other developers how to make the ASM tweaks to get conditional animations. And by now it seems the tool is widely used by developers who want to get the most out of their animations. Let’s hope the next version of FS will offer this kind of control over the animations out of the box.

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