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Tomorrow and on Friday I will be giving a presentation at the Dutch Microsoft DevDays titled “Flight Simulator
Secrets Exposed: The Microsoft ESP Visual Simulation Platform”. I must admit the titles comes from a presentation by Todd Landstad of the ACES team that I luckily could make use of when preparing. Originally it was planned that somebody from ACES would be giving the presentation, but I am happy to replace them as a local FS MVP.

The presentations will give some background information about ESP and the Flight Simulator history where it comes from. After that I will get into the details (the secrets) that make Flight Simulator (and thus also ESP) such a fascinating product. I will also talk a bit about cases that show how the products can be used for professional (non-entertainment) uses.

So if you happen to be at the DevDays, speak Dutch (sorry it is in Dutch) and want to know more I hope to see you. Below you will find the times of my presentations. I don’t think it is very interesting to attend both though, as I will reuse most of the material, only the focus will be a bit different depending on the audience.

Thursday 22 May: Geek Night  18:15 – 19:15
Friday 23 May: Academic Day: 13:30 – 14:40

One thought on “ESP at DevDays

  1. Leon Zandman says:

    Hey Arno,

    I enjoyed your Geek Night presentation very much. You told a good story and showed the right examples. EPS is indeed a very interesting product.


    Leon Zandman

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