Just to let you all know that I will not be writing on this blog in the next three weeks. The simple reason for that is that I will be on vacation. So see you again in three weeks time.

Phil Taylor is leaving ACES

If you have not heard it already, Phil Taylor is leaving ACES, check out this post at Phil’s own blog. I wish him luck and a lot of fun in his new job. And a big thanks for all the work he did for FS in the past. Especially the role he played in opening […]


At the moment I can’t reach the FSDeveloper site, so it seems down. When I get back home this evening I will investigate further. Sorry for the inconvenience. EDIT: The site is up again now.

Levels of detail

You might already have noticed that last weekend I released a new update for ModelConverterX. It contains just some small, but important bug fixes for the version 0.50 release. So with those annoying bugs gone, I have started to concentrate on the next version again. The first feature I am working on is expanding the […]


Since we moved with FSDeveloper to the new server we have also had a TeamSpeak server installed there. Sometimes it was running, most of the time it was down, but we never really used it. Until this weekend, finally Nick and I found the time to test the server and see if everything works fine. […]

New release

This morning I put all the last details together with the next ModelConverterX release. Yesterday I had already finished updating the manual on the Wiki, And now I have packed up the next release and made it available. Check out the announcement on the forum for all details. It’s always a good feeling to have […]

Attached object editor

I have just finished the last feature still on my todo list for the next ModelConverterX release. That does not mean the wishlist is empty now, but for the version 0.5 release I have put everything in I wanted. This last feature I just added is the ability to edit attached objects, for example an […]