Back from London

Yesterday I visited the ESP Developers Conference in London and I must say that it was very interesting. Being active for a long time in the FS community already the overviews of the SDKs and the basics of extending ESP did not provide much new things to me. But especially for the panel and gauge side, which is not my area of expertise, I did learn some new and interesting stuff.

But the main part that made the conference interesting was meeting the other people there. For example it was nice to meet Todd Landstad from ACES, after talking with him earlier this year when I gave a presentation about ESP on the Dutch DevDays. Fellow MVP Lefteris Kalamaris was also there and a lot of other people as well, but if you don’t mind I won’t mention them all.

A third aspect that made it a good trip for me, was that it gave me a lot of new ideas for possible future developments. But I will blog about those when they have turned into more concrete plans.

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