Microsoft closes ACES studio

Yesterday while driving home I heard on the news that Microsoft would be cutting jobs. But at that time the thought never came into my mind that the consequences of that would be as big as we learned today. While looking at some simulation related news at work today, I suddenly came across the message that the Microsoft job reduction would have big influences on the ACES studio, which makes Flight Simulator, as welll.

After looking around the web for more information, things became more clear. Former ACES team members posted more information, like Steve Lacey on his blog or Phil Taylor on the AvSim forum. All the current information seems to indicate that all development on FSX, Train Simulator 2 and ESP have been stopped at this moment. I guess the coming days will make things more clear how things will evolve.

But how this affects the people that worked at the ACES studio is of prime importance at the moment of course. I hope they are all well and will find other employement soon. All I know is that they made a very clever simulation product, that is capable to simulate the entire world in great detail. Something they can be proud of.

One thought on “Microsoft closes ACES studio

  1. Hamed says:

    Well…This is going to be a sad news for all of us if they decide to stop development of future vesrions of Fs.

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