Time for an update

It has been a while since I wrote on this blog, other things kept me a bit too busy lately. So it is time for an update!

I am still working on the next release of ModelConverterX. I had hoped to have the version 1.0 release ready by now, but the last few bits seem to take slightly longer than planned. The only main feature I am still working on is the LOD Creator one. I want to add functionality that considers the texture mapping of the object as well. This however means I have to update my matrix inverse code and that is what I am working on now (I’ll save you the math details).

After the version 1.0 release I am planning to close down the beta testing group that is around now and make the latest development build available to everyone. So that users have the option to download the latest stable release (that is stable) or the latest development release which has all recent features (and maybe some bugs). But first I need to focus on finishing the current version for release.

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