FSDeveloper is open again

We have been monitoring the server since yesterday and things seem to be stable again now. So we have decided to open FSDeveloper again. You can be sure we will keep an even closer look on the server performance during the next days and if you notice anything weird please let us know.

FSDeveloper is down – update

At this moment the FSDeveloper server is running again,but not stable yet. So we keep the forum deactivated till at least tomorrow. Here is a little background on what happened. At this moment we do not know exactly why the server failed, but we are suspecting a hardware issue might be part of it. That […]

Revival of a tool

Today I made a new version of a small tool I did some time ago. Actually I redesigned it completely from scratch using C# and .NET this time. The tool I am talking about is CompileHelper. This is a small tool to assist developers in compiling their source files. For many developers using command line […]