FSDeveloper is down – update

At this moment the FSDeveloper server is running again,but not stable yet. So we keep the forum deactivated till at least tomorrow. Here is a little background on what happened.

At this moment we do not know exactly why the server failed, but we are suspecting a hardware issue might be part of it. That is also why we keep the forums offline until we are sure the server is working fine.

Since the last few days we did get some errors that the daily backups
could not be completed. We were still looking into the source of this
problem, but it might be related to what brought the entire site down in the
end. The fact that the last backups had failed, also mean that we can
not restore the most recent data. So probably all forum posts and wiki edits made after the 20th of October are lost.

We are just as annoyed by all of this, as you will be. We hope that by tomorrow we have more information about the health of the server, so that we can bring FSDeveloper back online as soon as possible.

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