gPoly status update #5

For today I made a little teaser video of gPoly to show the progress. As you can see the adding and editing of the polygons it getting there, so it seems I can move to the export functionality soon. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “gPoly status update #5

  1. Nick Botica says:

    Cool! So are we going to be able to add things like a custom repeating detail, bump map and also have a semi transparent copy of the photo-real image on the top of that as seen in Bill Womack’s tutorial?



  2. arno says:

    Hi Nick,

    Yes, the plan is that you can do the things described in the tutorial by Bill with this tool. Maybe not all in the first release, but most of the things you mention are on my wishlist for the tool.

    Only the bump maps will be difficult, since the BGL format used for ground polygons does not support bump maps. But maybe it is possible to find a work around for that later on.


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