ModelConverterX 1.1 available

Just a quick note that a new stable version of ModelConverterX is available. If you have been using the development release lately there is not so much changed, but compared to the last stable release there are loads of improvements. I have also updated the user manual.

For the coming time the development of ModelConverterX will be slowed down a bit, since I plan to focus more on the gPoly tool.

2 thoughts on “ModelConverterX 1.1 available

  1. says:

    Thanks for your ModelConverterX. Models are shown correctly but when I try to save it as FS9 Model (.mdl) nothing happen. Apparently the saving function doesn’t work for me????
    Thanks for any help on the way. Ciao

  2. arno says:


    Did you check the event log after you tried to export? It could for example be that the path to MakeMDL could not be found. But the event log will tell you if that is the case.


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