ModelConverterX video tutorial

Just a little reminder that in two days there will be an online video tutorial about ModelConverterX. I think tutorial I will give a quick introduction to the tool and after that I will show how you can use it to convert old API macros into FSX MDL files or how to import them into GMax for further editing.

So you are all invited to join this tutorial on Saturday 2nd of January at 20:00 CET on the FSDeveloper Livestream channel. See you there! And if you can’t make it the tutorial will be available on the Wiki afterwards as well.

2 thoughts on “ModelConverterX video tutorial

  1. HAZGUI says:

    I ve a mistake when I export Sketchup model in FSX in Wishplacer I see the objet (the box) but in FSX linked, nothing it’s transparent!

    • arno says:


      Do you mean that with the live preview of whisplacer the object does not show? You always need to process your library with whisplacer for that to work.

      Or do you mean it does not show even after saving your bgl and loading that in FS?


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