Reading section 9 BGL files

This Monday I already blogged about the new feature for ModelConverterX that allows it to read the old section 9 BGL files. This is the kind of files that tools like FSSC, Airport for Windows or GroundMaker make. I have now finished this reader and it will be available in the development release from tomorrow.

Since Monday I have added support for many additional BGL opcodes, so that most of your BGL files should work fine now. I have used some scenery I made more than 5 years ago for FS2002 (or was it FS2000) to test this function and it seems to be working quite good. If you still find some unsupported opcode, please let me know using the FSDeveloper forum.

This new feature might come in handy if you want to port some scenery you made many years ago and of which you lost the sources and only have the BGL files left. With this feature done I hope to give reading FS98 and FS2000 aircraft a try this weekend….


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