More preview functionality

After fixing some bugs that were reported last week, I spend most time today on adding more functionality to the 3D preview of ModelConverterX. So that means that from tomorrow there will be the following additional features: Texture clamp is now displayed correctly in the preview. This option is not widely used, but it can […]

YouTube channel

I know that the manual of ModelConverterX is lagging behind the development release a bit. This is actually on purpose, since I only update it when I make a new stable release. But I do realize that this means that many features are undocumented at the moment. Since reading manuals is not something every user […]


I have added a new function to ModelConverterX, you can now also visualize the crashboxes of MDL objects. This can give a very interesting insight in how those crashboxes have been made by XtoMDL or MakeMDL when you exported the object. They do not always follow the shape of the object exactly. To turn on […]