Added platform support

Sometimes a new feature is not that difficult to implement as you first think. For example adding support for platforms was on the ModelConverterX wishlist for a long time already. Yesterday I have started on it and now the new feature is done already. So from tomorrow you will find that the development release can […]


Maybe not the most exciting looking picture. But it shows the feature from the ModelConverterX wishlist that I have started working on. This feature is adding support for platforms. I have started with reading the platforms from FSX MDL files. What you see in the image indicated with the red lines are the triangles of […]

FSDeveloper emails

It seems that we have a few issues at the FSDeveloper website with sending emails. We are investigating these issues now. So if you tried to register a new account and don’t get an email confirmation this can be the cause. If you have trouble with this, please contact us and we’ll try to help […]

Bug fix in Ground Polygon Wizard

A little while ago a user reported problems with the Ground Polygon Wizard. When slicing the polygons, some polygons were missing. I have now debugged and fixed this issue. From tomorrow the improvements are available in the development release. So if you are using the Ground Polygon Wizard please update to this version, the previous […]

Bye bye MVP

Since 2006 I was lucky to get an email every April 1st telling me that I had been awarded a MVP award for that year. But this year I have not been so lucky, I got a message my award has not been continued. So thanks to Microsoft of the opportunity of being an MVP […]