FSX AGN files

On the FSDeveloper Wiki we have a page describing the FSX autogen (AGN) file format. Today I have been experimenting with AGN files a bit, so I have added more information to this page. Polygonal buidlings, library objects and row houses are not also described. For the other sections I have added some extra explanation as well.

Why did I do this? I wanted to see if I can create AGN files based on shapefile footprints of buidlings. So understanding the AGN format was the first step in that process. I have now made a small tool that can decompile a AGN file into a text file. My next step will be to make a compiler to do the reverse step. The last step would then be to make a small tool to turn the shapefile information into such a text file for my compiler.

I am not sure if compiling and decompiling AGN files is useful to other developers. If you think it might be useful let me know.

One thought on “FSX AGN files

  1. Andy Ford says:

    I think this is a fantastic idea!! I use GIS all the time and being able to convert Shapefiles into autogen would be brilliant.

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