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A first beta version of the scenProc tool is available for testing now. It is part of the development release package of my tools. The tool is a command line tool to create scenery from data you import. At the moment it can create autogen files from GIS vector data. In the future other scenery processing will probably be added as well. On the FSDeveloper Wiki you can find the manual of the tool as well, it explains the options you can specify in the configuration file.

Let me know how you get along with processing your own data. If there are any suggestions, comments or bug, let me know so that I can improve the tool further. You can use the scenProc forum to discuss this tool.

13 thoughts on “scenProc beta available

  1. Foxone says:

    afflicted I am not able to then record me on the forum fsdev I put the question here, after several tests I believe that there is a limitation of compilation with the size of the files shp

  2. arno says:

    Hi, can you be a little more specific? Do you get an error when you use big shapefiles as input? I haven’t tried with huge files yet. For sure the processing would take longer, but I think the amount of memory available would be the main bottleneck.

  3. Foxone says:

    then I tested with files houses.shp of 118 Mo for a surperficie of 6.000 km2 surroundings and also the forests for 5 Mo with Win 7 32 bits and 8Go of RAM and the process seems locked during hours, by-against in on small sufaces that functions very well

  4. arno says:

    I’ll try to test with bigger data as well. Maybe I need to add some progress indication on some of the steps as well.

  5. arno says:

    I tried with a more complex shapefile (one of about 400 MB), but I already get an out of memory exception while importing the SHP. Let me see if I can make it more robust.

  6. FG91X Antonio. says:

    Hello Arno, I confirm that large files with 100/200 MB, the process appears to hang for hours on end because it still seems not to work,
    remains without any error message.
    I also expected 3 / 4 hours, but it seems to me too …. and I interrupt processing.

    Sorry for my English …


  7. arno says:


    I have added some more progress messages in a recent build. It is especially splitting the features in the AGN LOD squares that takes most time. So it would help if you split a big area manually into multiple files before.

    I am still working on improving the way it handles big files, since in the end I want to generate autogen with it for the entire Netherlands.

  8. Gropied says:

    Thank you Arno for this great tool.

    I confirm the fact.
    It seems that the size limit of a clean Buildings.shp is around 29 Mo.

    It would be very usefull to be able to compile a full region. (Paris /Ile de France = 250Mo)

    Sometimes i have at the end of compile a “an.agn” file alone, build without coordonnates. Can you explain this ?

    Thanks for your answer.

  9. arno says:


    I have seen those an.agn files as well. I think they are empty and that it happens when there are no objects in a tile. For sure you can ignore them for now.

    I haven’t had the time yet to improve the handling of big shapefiles, but it is on my list.


  10. Gropied says:

    Dear Arno,

    About the bug when reading agn with annotator, a penalty for scenery creators,

    I think that problem could be in number of decimals of two last parameters.

    for Buildings and

    It seems that a AGN produced with Annotator never exceed 16 decimal data.

    with Scenproc we find 17 or 18 decimal.

    I suppose that annotator cannot read these last decimal … and FSX can do it.

    example to compare from real files:

    line generated by annotator :
    AGNGenericBuilding {e206cd08-5008-4dea-ad4a-db42bfa5298b} -0.401384472846985 0.352689504623413 0.954482913017273 -0.298265486955643 0.0264536943286657


    line generated by Scenproc V1
    AGNGenericBuilding {822303aa-199a-4046-b014-eec43bc664ac} 0.487266808748245 0.5 -1 0 0.00215965742245317 0.000928711087908596

    Could you comfirm this and if true, edit a fix for scenproc to never exceed 16 decimal?



  11. arno says:

    Hi Gropied,

    I don’t think it matters. The text representation differs, but in the AGN file both numbers are stored as a single precision float. So they have the same accuracy there.


  12. Gropied says:

    Thank you Arno for you answer,
    I continue to search and if i have an other idea I will submit it to you.


  13. arno says:

    I just think it is a limitation in Annotator. Simple files seem to work, but when there are too many features it can’t cope.

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