Merge objects

I have added a new function to ModelConverterX, you can now merge objects. After you bring up the form there are a couple of things you can do:

  • You can specify the LOD that should be used for the model you are importing. So this allows you to import another model as a lower level of detail. Or if you give the same LOD as your current object they will be combined.
  • You can specify an offset compared to the current model, so that you can put object besides each other.
  • With the load object button you can load another object from file to be inserted.
  • Alternatively you can also use the list of objects given. This list will show all other objects that are currently loaded into ModelConverterX. So for example if you have loaded a library, all the other models will be shown.

Once you have set all options the way you want, you can press merge to start the merging of the objects.