Batch convert changes

In the next development release a couple of changes have been made in the batch convert wizard of ModelConverterX. The main changes are:

  • You can now select if you want to save objects or scenery. When you select objects each model in the selected files is saved as a separate file. If you select scenery, one output file will be made for each input file.
  • There are two button to save and load the batch convert settings. This will save the files you have selected to process, the operators and their settings and the output settings. So this should make it easier to run the same or similar batch runs in the future.

I have added some new batch operators as well, this is an overview of them:

  • Add placement: adds a placement (latitude/longitude) to all objects
  • Center object: makes sure the reference point is in the centre of the object. If the object has a placement, this placement is also updated to match the shift of the object.
  • Rename object: renames all objects to the given name, if multiple objects in one file they are extended with a number
  • Rename textures: rename all textures of an object. They are renamed with the object name, followed by a number

I plan to write another blog post soon explaining how I used these new operators, so that it makes more sense why I added them.

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