FSDS objects and smoothing

Unlike many other formats the FSDS FSC format does not store the normal of each vertex separately. This means a little more work for me when reading the format when polygons are smooth shaded. Until now the FSC importer just ignored the fact that some polygons are smooth shaded. But I have changed that now.

In the next development release the smooth shaded polygons are supported as well. ModelConverterX will average the normals of all polygons that meet at a certain location when they are smooth shaded. That results in a smooth shaded effect. I am not sure if this is exactly the same way as FSDS exports the smooth shaded polygons to a FS2004 or FSX MDL file, but it seems to work well. Below you see a picture of a model that has smooth shaded polygons and as you can see the normals appear as you would affect.

Next step is to detect when an object is smooth shaded, so that I can also support writing this attribute to a FSC file. But that’s for a next update.

Image2013-09-09 2120.06.675

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