Heading offsets

One problem with the scenProc feature to place objects along a line was that the user could not influence the orientation of the model. It would just follow the line and for the default light everything ended up fine. But if you wanted the use an object that was oriented differently in the MDL file you would end up with wrongly aligned objects.

So it has been requested a couple of times that the user can alter the heading of the objects. I have now implemented this chance. There is an additional attribute now in the steps to create the library objects. You can specify a heading offset in degrees in that attribute. This offset will then be added to the heading as stored with the feature. So this way you can get the orientation exactly like you want.

And while testing this new feature I also found a bug in the step to place points along a line. The heading calculated was not correct anymore (probably since I fixed another bug in some other part of the code) . So that issue has been fixed as well now.

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