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NL2000-LogoAs many of you probably know I am a member of the Netherlands 2000 Scenery team for almost 15 years already. Or actually I should say I was. Because I have decided to stop working as a part of the team.

This decision has nothing to do with the team, they still make a great freeware scenery of the Netherlands (go check it out if you don’t know the scenery). I have made the decision because I don’t enjoy creating scenery as much as I did in the past.

What I enjoy is finding new ways to make scenery and making tools. Within the work I did for the NL2000 team I couldn’t give those aspects enough attention and with a small child at home I could not combine making tools and scenery at the same time anymore.

So I have now chosen to focus on what I enjoy most and that is making tools. So I’m no longer a scenery designer, from today I am only a scenery tool designer.

3 thoughts on “Scenery (tool) designer

  1. Bill Womack says:

    Scenery’s loss is most definitely a scenery designer’s gain. Your tools are a must-have for the rest of us, Arno. I’m just happy you’ll continue to make them.

  2. Barry Friedman says:

    Hi Arno,

    I’m relatively new to FS and I enjoy flying the airplanes but even better is digging into the SDK and doing something creative. Your development tools, YouTube videos, and you along with the rest of the FSDeveloper community add tremendously to my enjoyment of this hobby. Best wishes and thanks so much, I look forward to following the evolution of your scenery tools.


  3. Dick Ludowise says:

    Hi Arno.

    I also have found that my commitments are spread too thin at times. I had been concentrating on tools, but a new CFS2 project has got me working on terrain scenery again, with a small group. I don’t enjoy it as much as I used to.

    I’m thinking the version 2 of P3D will get me back to tool making.


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