Heading offsets

One problem with the scenProc feature to place objects along a line was that the user could not influence the orientation of the model. It would just follow the line and for the default light everything ended up fine. But if you wanted the use an object that was oriented differently in the MDL file […]

Slower development

As you have probably already noticed the development of my different tools is a bit more slow recently. That’s just because I am a bit busy at the moment. There are a few reasons for that: It has been quite good weather this month here, so I have been trying to ride my racing bicycle […]

FSDS objects and smoothing

Unlike many other formats the FSDS FSC format does not store the normal of each vertex separately. This means a little more work for me when reading the format when polygons are smooth shaded. Until now the FSC importer just ignored the fact that some polygons are smooth shaded. But I have changed that now. […]