Full of new inspiration

20140401_145228I have returned from my vacation yesterday. As usual I don’t bring a computer on vacation, so I haven’t done anything on FSDeveloper or my tools in the last 3 weeks. But of course that doesn’t stop my brain from coming up with new ideas. Luckily I had brought a notebook (you know, a paper one) to write those ideas down. So now I have returned full of interesting ideas to try again.

At the moment the things I want to work on first are:

  • Finish the Nantucket autogen I have been working on as a test project for scenProc for a while now.
  • Get the scenProc 1.0 release ready. This mainly involves updating and writing the new manual, but there are also a few bugs to fix.
  • Start experimenting with the other scenProc ideas I have written down in the last weeks. I have some cool ideas to make even more realistic autogen that I can hopefully tell more about later on.

The photo on the right is a photo I took in Shanghai (China) from the hotel we stayed. I guess it would be a real challenge to represent just a city realistically with autogen. And also during our train travels through China I have seen a nice variation of buildings that would be interesting as autogen objects. You see, even when I am on vacation and just enjoying the landscape, my mind keeps busy with how to present something like that in a scenery.

As you might see ModelConverterX is not so high on the current prio list (but those lists tend to be quite fluid, as I quickly can get distracted by other interesting ideas to try). But I hope to spend a day in the near future to look at some of the recently reported bugs.

One thought on “Full of new inspiration

  1. James Smith says:

    Glad to hear you had a good vacation. I am positively buzzing with ideas myself over P3D v2.2. Welcome back home buddy! 🙂

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