Status update

After spending almost 10 weeks in hospital, our son could finally come home this week. It’s very good to have the family all at home again, not having to travel to the hospital continuously.

The only small downside is that our sleep is now interrupted in the night, but that’s normal with a small baby at home of course.

So as things return more to normal at home, I can hopefully pick up some FS related things again. I would really like to do some debugging on my tools as a way to relax after all these things.

But on the other hand we are also still busy with our new house, so time will still be sparse in the near future. So hopefully you’ll see me on the forum now and then again, but at least you now know I’m doing ok.

One thought on “Status update

  1. Graeme McMillan says:

    Happy to hear that Arno. Using your tools all the time and wondering how on earth I would achieve anything without them. The answer of course is I wouldn’t. First scenery nears release but without these tools I would of given up for sure.

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